Soluzioni smart   Walk-in Pantries


Cabine Armadio

Small is beautiful and often a necessity in contemporary homes. Knowing how to make the best use of contained spaces, without compromising in terms of the character and elegance of your furniture, is the main goal at Dibiesse.

These walk-in pantries have been designed to create storage space which can be easily converted into pantries or storage rooms for cleaning products and small appliances. Some even use their walk-in pantries as a place to house the washing machine.

The rack and accessories help give the walk-in pantries a touch of personality, making them essential elements for every kitchen. Thanks to the rack and accessories supplied, the wardrobe cabins are highly customizable and changed over time.

In addition to being saving-pave solutions, the closet cabins are also valid furnishing solutions for small or, more generally, which enhance small apartments.

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