Soluzioni smart   Teka – modular library

Modular Library

Teka is a modular library that can be designed to suit different function in the house. It can become dividers of two rooms of the house , it can furnish a wall, or became a functional element that exploit the space between the wall units and the work surface.

Teka modularity is the new versatile and functional library that adapts to the needs of the house.

In black anodized aluminum finish, it is available in the double-sided or wall version, or as an accessory between the wall units and the work surface in your kitchen.

Teka Double sides

The Teka library, in the double -sided version, camouflages two areas of the house, with discretion and elegance. Made to reach the ceiling, it becomes an element that enhances the rooms. In black anodized aluminum finish reaches the maximum height of 3 meters.

In black anodized aluminum finish, its particular fixing system allows a simple assembly, so that it can be rethought and re-organized over time to satisfy the new needs of the house.


Wall Teka

Teka is also designed in light version to access and complete the kitchen area or to furnish other walls of the house.

Become a practical bookcase to furnish the living area or the study area with double or single shelf. Also in this version the assembly system allows you to position the shelves on the spot and to be able to relocate them if necessary.

Back splash Teka

A valid alternative to accessor the back of the kitchen is to use the Teka elements. Unlike Modular under the wall unit, Teka becomes a distinctive, light and elegant element in contemporary kitchens. The uprights are positioned at 120 cm, while the shelves can be up to 4 meters long.


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