Soluzioni smart   Retractable Tables


When little space is available, ingenuity and creativity are needed to make the best use of your environment. Dibiesse comes on help, with retractable tables that can be pulled out when needed.
What seems a simple drawer compartment suddenly becomes a peninsula table. Time for lunch!

Swivel End Table

The Swivel End Table is a smart solution, a space-saving that manages to hide a table where you would least expect it.

It is so simple and practical to use: the end side of the kitchen counter is a table leg which turns on a pivot to extend the work surface.

Everyone who loves cooking knows that there is never enough space. Finally, here is a helping hand that can be used as a work surface or a simple table for having breakfast or grabbing a quick bite.

The demands of daily life may change and space is increasingly at a premium, but, thanks to the range of Dibiesse furniture, your kitchen will be ready to meet every challenge of modern life.

Lunch Pul-out Table

When an attention to concrete details is fused with the design of elegant and functional units, we can create genuinely revolutionary ideas, such as the Lunch pull-out table.  A peninsula table measuring 600x900x919 mm can be pulled out from a hinged drawer.

This highly versatile space-saving solution will enhance your kitchen, making it even more functional.

Slide Table

Slide is a pull-out table solution has 90×90 – 1200×1200 – 127×95 mm
sides and a 75 mm thickness. The table
can be pulled out 385 mm max.

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