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Passing Through

Come and Go Door

“Va e Vieni” (Come and Go) is the mechanism that transforms a door on a tall unit into a sliding door for accessing other areas of the home. Perfectly integrated with the tall unit area, because it is fixed to the adjacent units, the door pushes open in both directions, allowing a passage of 60 or 75 cm with one door, or larger with two doors side by side.

One-way Pivot Sliding Door

What is hidden behind the doors of the columns? Not only a pantry!

Thanks to the Pivot Sliding Doors there can be a living room or a studio as well! The One-way Pivot Sliding Door transforms a column door to a common passing through door. Behind the L 75 cm surface it is hidden an open element L 15 cm that remains hidden when the door is closed and becomes the lever to be used to closed the doors when the kitchens have no handles.
The Pivot Sliding Doors are suitable for separating two environments, creating new spaces, giving greater functionality to your habits.

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