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Dolby & Dolby Dobble

When kitchen, eating area and lounge form part of the same environment, we recommend you choose harmonious, personalisable elements that can go with the various environments.

Dolby and Dolby Dobble elements are available in melamine and laminate shades, enhanced by dividers in elegant matt lacquer or delightful nuvolato shades.

The Dolby Dobble version have dividers also in the lower half, a source of inspiration for new furniture ideas for your kitchen or open space.

Desigual Elements

A simple stroke of the pencil is often the genesis for Desigual open units, marked by two sides of differing thickness.
This hallmark is sure to enhance your kitchen, enabling exclusive and unusual furniture combinations.

The sides of the Desigual elements are produced in a thickness of 12 or 30 mm, which are juxtaposed and alternated within the composition. The choice of finishes ranges from grain oak to Canaletto walnut, from matt lacquer to laminate.

Urban box

Urban Boxes provide your kitchen with touches inspired by industrial imagination, since these open elements have been designed based on the iron components typically found in industrial fittings.

The charming Urban Box look will help you transform your kitchen into a laboratory, study or workshop with a flavour of New York City, without neglecting the value of a warm welcome and the importance of developing our passions.

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