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Inverter for tall units

Inverter open units serve as end units. They are aesthetically pleasing and can come with many accessories, harmonising the transition between kitchen and living area in open-plan spaces. Inverter units are available for both base units and tall units and come in two versions: Inverter cabinet (L 600 mm) with a hinged door and Inverter Free (L 150 mm). Both solutions are suitable for models with or without a grip profile.

Inverter base

The Inverter for base unit is designed to make more pleasant the terminal part of an island or a peninsula or the end part of a composition.

It is proposed in the same finish of the Spring or Play kitchens (therefore laminated or melamine) it is enriched by some vertical crossbar in opaque lacquered finish only 12 mm thick, which make the alternation of the shelves lighter and interesting.

Modular for tall unit

As an alternative to the inverter, we offer the Modular Column element in black anodized aluminum finish, inserted inside a column.

Dedicated elements (such as the bottle holder or the wine glass holder) make this element even more functional and customizable.

Other smart solutions