Soluzioni smart   Boiserie

And wall covers

Boiserie Osaka

The Osaka boiserie was designed as a furnishing for the kitchen walls and for any other space in the house. The panels, to be fitted with aluminium shelves in a silver satinato finish, are available with all the finishes in the melamine and laminate range. Versatile and customisable, the boiserie is suitable for a vast range of styles and environments, from minimalist to decorative.

Boiserie Light

The Boiseries Light are in Fenix, essece or matt lacquer finishes. It can cover the entire wall or occupy the space of a piece of furniture, however occupying only 20 cm in depth. The shelves matching the panel are only 12 mm thick.


Boiserie 2+2

Boiserie 2+2 is a new and exclusive paneling with a ribbed effect.

Ideal for covering the walls of a room or for creating the back panels of islands and peninsulas: it creates movement and suggestiveness
vertical three-dimensionality, thanks to particular plays of light and shadow.

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