Between kitchen and living area.


The Osaka boiserie was designed as a furnishing for the kitchen walls and for any other space in the house.

The panels, to be fitted with aluminium shelves in a silver satinato finish, are available with all the finishes in the melamine and laminate range.

Versatile and customisable, the boiserie is suitable for a vast range of styles and environments, from minimalist to decorative.


Display shelves are perfect anywhere!

The idea behind this project was to create furnishing elements able to harmonise the spaces in the living area and kitchen.
Display shelves are made from hardwood. Display shelves may be two-sided – ideal for furnishing a living area –, or with a back for use on the back of the base units.

The quality of the raw materials used, together with a clean, geometrical and Scandinavian-inspired design make these shelves a ‘must have’ for fans of original furniture.


Open Shelves have been designed to furnish a living area in harmony with the colours of your kitchen. But they can also be used to fill space that isn’t really there, where kitchen and living area are mixed and blended.

So that wall in your entrance hall, that until recently was home to a simple painting, has now become so much more; that narrow, tight space in the passage, which seemed unusable, is now full of little collectibles, photos and memories of unforgettable days. 
An Open shelf unit can completely transform the proportions of a wall and become a storehouse of emotions.

Characterised by an elegant frontal profile and intermediate shelves that are slightly recessed at the sides, Open Shelf Units, available with depths of 600 mm or 350 mm and a range of heights, are available in matt lacquer to furnish every room.


Inverter open units serve as end units. They are aesthetically pleasing and can come with many accessories, harmonising the transition between kitchen and living area in open-plan spaces. Inverter units are available for both base units and tall units and come in two versions: Inverter cabinet (L 600 mm) with a hinged door and Inverter Free (L 147 mm). Both solutions are suitable for models with or without a grip profile.