Cabinets accessories


Keeping your kitchen tidy will be child’s play with Dibiesse pull-out baskets.
Stainless steel,  titanium color, pull-out baskets with soft-closing mechanism, are designed to fit all base units.


Dibiesse is proud to present its line of Essetre drawer accessories comprising trays and modular inserts for your kitchen ‘depot’.
Essetre gives you the pleasure of having everything in order and at your fingertips, in a kitchen where every detail is organised since space is precious and you need to make the best use of it.

With functionality and a touch of style, Essetre drawer accessories are ideal for anyone who wants to set their house in order.


An equipped sink unit, subdivided by use, will let you store your cleaning products and recycling bins in a convenient and functional space.

The runners for the total removal of the drawer only enhance the technical characteristics of these smart sink units, while respecting the specific requirements of each and every kitchen.

With interiors coated in aluminium, there is no danger of detergents corroding or ruining your unit, while aluminium is really simple to clean and sanitise.