Space-saving Solutions.

Smart solutions are those able to enhance the spaces, maximise capacity and increase the area of the work surface.

Discover the retractable tables: dynamic solutions designed to increase the work surface and the space in smaller-sized kitchens.
Fall in love with the features of the walk-in pantries: can be customised as a pantry or storage closet, with ample capacity.
Choose to finish the living area with ultra-modern furnishings and exclusive design such as Display shelves, in grain oak, or Open shelves, in matt lacquered wood.

Interesting space-saving solutions include Dibiesse Cucine open furniture units designed to create perfectly harmonious solutions and ensure continuity between kitchen, living room and lounge.
The wide Dibiesse Smart furniture range is characterised by practical and simple design, space-saving modular elements and exclusive and sought after furniture. Discover all the possibilities in this range!


Pantry solutions

Many elements come into play when designing a modern kitchen: the practical functions, the space available and the distance between the operating areas.

Dibiesse has sought to address this through modularity tailored to various needs, and offers walk-in pantries, suspended base units, modular base and wall units and column units with retractable doors, that can be combined according to your tastes.

And voilà, lunch is served!

Retractable tables.

When little space is available, ingenuity and creativity are needed to make the best use of your environment. Dibiesse comes on help, with retractable tables that can be pulled out when needed.
What seems a simple drawer compartment suddenly becomes a peninsula table. Time for lunch!


Accessorize your cabinets

A wide range of solutions designed to enhance the space in the kitchen taking full advantage of the storage capacity of each element and to facilitate access to the compartments and corner pantry.


Open units.

Dibiesse Cucine offers various types of open components designed to furnish contemporary spaces tastefully and practically. To ensure maximum personalisation for your kitchen and living room, discover the Dibiesse furnishings line.


Between kitchen and living area.

The aesthetics and organization of space are also fundamental in the transition areas or in the open areas between the kitchen and the dining room or the living area. This is why Dibiesse has created elegant solutions that make it possible to harmonize open spaces and create aesthetic and functional continuity.


Additional complements.

Such a range of innovative solutions to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.
The retractable tower will make some plug sockets available at work surface level, in locations where it is impossible to install a wall socket.
Or how about a built-in Music Station with built-in amplifier and speakers for your iPod or iPhone?
Or a genuine work station with retractable table and equipped backrest? The answer to the dreams of every budding chef!

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