Product Value.


Removable plinth

A solution to access the space underneath the kitchen. The new Blink magnetic hook, located on the back of the plinth, makes it easier to position and remove the plinth making the area under furniture more accessible for cleaning or maintenance.

Wall unit opening mechanisms

Dibiesse wall units with lift doors, up-and-over lift doors and bi-fold doors are fitted with BLUM gradual and noiseless opening mechanisms These mechanisms are tested to withstand 80,000 opening/closing cycles.

The doors close gently and noiselessly, regardless of their dimensions, weight or the speed at which they are moved. We can also fit additional mechanical systems that make opening/closing operations even easier.

Drawer slides and baskets

Since September 2014, Dibiesse kitchens have come with a completely new runner system that offers a linear appearance, with straight side rails that measure only 12.8 mm in depth, and excellent quality of movement.

Guaranteed dynamic weight of 40 and 70 kg. Comes with a braking system as standard, for maximum load, duration and comfort.


Dibiesse uses the brand new generation SILENTIA+ SALICE hinges with built-in deceleration. Certified following dynamic and destructive tests from the main independent European and American bodies (LGA, FCBA, INTERTEK), it has two speed settings for greater or lesser deceleration. The integrated soft-close technology comes from two silicone oil dampers that guarantee an exceptional regularity of the decelerating strength providing a perfect closing to any kind of door and condition

Maximum personalisation

Dibiesse offers an entire range of colours for you to personalise every element and detail that makes up your kitchen.

LED lighting

Lighting is crucial in a work space, especially when cooking. Dibiesse offers a huge range of accessories for lighting your kitchen, with LED technology that offers so many benefits: it consumes less electricity, ensuring energy savings up to 80% greater than normal lights; it has a duration at least 10 times longer than normal halogen lights; it does not emit ultraviolet rays and gives off a very small amount of heat, so is better for your health.

Innovative materials

Fenix NTM®

An innovative material designed for interior design, FENIX NTM® is created using nanotechnology, making it more durable, easier to clean and maintain: any micro-scratches can be repaired thermally.

Handle-free kitchens

Dibiesse even considers quality and elegance inside its units. With handle-free kitchens, the base of the wall unit is fitted with an aluminium profile, that creates the space necessary for opening the door. In addition to being extremely appealing, this protects the structure of the unit from wear and impacts. To complete the aesthetic inside the containers, you can cover the middle shelf by inserting a shiny aluminium profile as protection.


For all handle-free kitchens, Dibiesse has created an innovative under-top curved grip enabling easy opening of the doors; it is easy to apply and remove, if necessary.
The curved grip is available in shiny aluminium, white painted aluminium, brushed silver, matt or gloss lacquer finishes and a range of colours or matching oak veneer, so you can choose the best match for the colour of your kitchen.

Depth of base units

A kitchen top with greater depth means more freedom and a larger field of vision when cooking. The base units are tailored to a depth of 70, thus increasing the capacity. Suitable accessories make it easy to organise the interiors.

In addition, the distance from the wall units makes it easy to open and close the doors and to use the work surface.

Sink unit

Sink unit
The standard sink unit is fitted with an aluminium base for protection from corrosion, both from water and detergents. On request, the sides of the base may also be coated, for maximum protection. The sink unit with pull-out deep drawers is equipped with structural elements that are more hygienic, easy to clean and versatile with the possibility of moving accessories to organise them as conveniently as possible. The sink unit with hinged doors may be fitted with a sponge holder.

In your kitchen, the work surface and sink unit are ideal environments for the proliferation of bacteria. The humidity and temperature, along with the constant contact with organic substances and food, encourage the growth of mould and bacterial colonies that find optimal media for growth in soft gaskets. The special treatment introduced by Scilm in the production phase of its gaskets ensures the elimination of any type of bacterial attack; the new Scilm anti-bacterial gaskets are effective against a wide range of bacteria, moulds, and algae, and protect your upstands and sink unit from damage, stains and corrosion, are adapted to contact with food and entirely harmless for both people and the environment. The Scilm BIOShield anti-bacterial treatment is compatible with the average lifetime of the kitchen.

EFFECTIVE against a wide range of common bacteria (paecilomyces variotii, gliocladium virens etc.), moulds, algae, ugly coloured stains of microbial origin, corrosion, yeasts.

HARMLESS for people and the environment.

SUITABLE for contact with foodstuffs.

DURABLE: compatible with the average lifetime of the kitchen.

Quality finishes

Dibiesse has a cross-sectional approach to the development of its products: every improvement to quality and performance is implemented to every component, to ensure performance, durability, ever-higher quality levels, reliability and a practically infinite number of solutions for your environment.

The wood particle board panels have an extremely low level of formaldehyde (E1) and are obtained from the reuse of wooden material: the resulting advantage is that nature and the environment are protected and long-lasting, high standards of quality can be guaranteed. The packaging used is 100% recyclable (polystyrene, cardboard, shrink wrapping). In addition, this makes it possible to reduce the costs of the panel itself, thus generating savings for the buyer. The glue used is polyurethane.

Dibiesse uses market leaders as its suppliers who offer panels with extremely low formaldehyde emissions, mechanisms that ensure functionality and comfort, cutting-edge technologies and appliances to satisfy every day-to-day need.

Tailored projects

Authorised Dibiesse dealers have software that makes it possible to view the composition rendered in real time.
Thanks to the design software, supplied to all authorised Dibiesse dealers, you can view your composition in real time: the image allows you to become familiar with the spaces, define your priorities and make the composition more ergonomic. The application guarantees high-performance work and makes buying a kitchen an exciting and unique experience.

Personalisation, versatility and functionality will enable you to create a tailored composition, which can be adapted to environments where space is reduced. One way of creating your kitchen is to divide it into sectors that identify the main activities carried out there. In this way, you can view the work flows and organise the spaces to make them as ergonomic and fluid as possible. The main areas in the kitchen are: ‘food storage’ that includes the fridge and container elements, the ‘cooking area’ which includes the hobs and oven, the ‘sink’ area which must also include a part for the dish drainer. It is vital to find the right location for these areas because they will see the most traffic.

LINEAR – Represents an effective solution for long and narrow environments. The furniture elements are laid out along a wall and the work flow is developed along a line.

DOUBLE LINEAR – In long environments, work surfaces and functional zones can be situated on opposite walls. Ensures more efficient and functional use of space, since work surfaces may be located on both sides.

CORNER – the most versatile solution: the arrangement of the furniture allows enough space between the sink, oven and fridge, with an ergonomic work flow. It also allows you to make the most out of the room, because it leaves space for a table.

U-SHAPED – The elements are arranged around three sides. Suitable for large or reduced spaces and offers the greatest work and container space. The layout of the furniture and zones means you can have everything at your fingertips.

ISLAND – solution for wide spaces, with the composition including an island which can be used as a work surface or informal area in your kitchen.


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