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Quality is our first objective, translated as the search for the best materials and technical components, to create a product that lives up to the highest quality standards required by the market.

Removable plinth - Blink!

BLINK PLINTH – The new Blink Scilm magnetic hook, located on the back
of the plinth, makes it easier to position and remove the plinth making the
area under furniture more accessible for cleaning or maintenance.

Wall unit opening mechanisms

Wall units with lift doors, upand- over lift doors and bi-fold doors are fitted with Blum gradual and noiseless opening mechanisms. These mechanisms are tested to withstand 80,000 opening/closing cycles.

The doors close gently and noiselessly, regardless of their dimensions, weight or speed. We can also fit additional mechanical systems that make opening/closing operations even easier.

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Drawers and deep drawer slides

The elegant Blum drawer system features a slim design with straight sides and high quality of operation, based on innovative technologies that offer particularly smooth opening, closing and sliding motions. Dibiesse products have high load bearing capacities of 40 or 70 kg (depending on drawer dimensions). All guides
incorporate soft-close systems that guarantee maximum comfort in operation.


Dibiesse mounts the latest generation SILENTIA+ SALICE hinges with integrated combined decelerating effect.

Certified on dynamic and destructive tests by the main independent European and American bodies (LGA, FCBA, INTERTEK) the SILENTIA+ SALICE hinges with adjustable integrated soft-close mechanism operated by twin silicone-oil dampers housed in the hinge cup, which guarantee an exceptional constancy of the braking force, giving every type of leaf and condition a perfect closure.. The decelerating effect is adjusted by using a simple switch.

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Illuminazione led

Lighting is essential in a workspace and especially when cooking. Dibiesse offers a wide range of accessories to illuminate the kitchen area, proposing LED technology, which is advantageous in many respects: it consumes less, guaranteeing energy savings of up to 80% higher than normal light bulbs, it lasts at least 10 times longer than normal light bulbs halogen, does not produce ultraviolet rays and generates very little heat, making it safer for health.


Personalization, versatility and functionality allow you to create the composition tailored to your needs and habits, adaptable to environments with small spaces.

Base units with different depth

In ergonomic kitchens the work top (where the hob and sink are located) is usually around 60 cm deep.

Choosing a deeper kitchen top increases the work space, allowing you to move around with a greater view and accommodate more useful items during the preparation of the dishes. The base units adapt to a depth of 70, increasing the storage space: special accessories allow you to organize the inside of drawers and baskets and better organize the space between the base units and the top (find out more inside the SMART SOLUTIONS section)

The distance from the wall units also facilitates the opening and closing of the wall unit doors, as well as movement and operation on the worktop.

For the living area, on the other hand, the base units depth is reduced, becoming 43 cm, to accommodate smaller objects and create compositions that are more suitable for this environment (find some proposals in the “living area” section).

For even narrower places, like corridors, you can opt for the 36 cm deep base units, for maximum containment in a minimum amount of space.

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Kitchen with no handle

When kitchen is with no handles, the bottom of the wall units is equipped with an aluminum profile, which creates the necessary space for the kitchen doors to be opened. This profile, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, protects the structure of the furniture from use and knocks. To complete the aesthetics inside the containers, it is possible to cover the intermediate shelf by inserting a satin aluminum profile which also acts as a protection for it.


For all kitchens without handles Dibiesse has designed an innovative under-top curved grip profile with a special clip-in fixing system which has the advantage of making the counter top independent. It also facilitates assembly and disassembly
stages in the event of moving. The grip profile is available with a veneered
finish in same colour oak, bright aluminium, painted white, brushed
silver or matt or glossy lacquered in a choice of colours.

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Sink cabinets

The sink cabinets are fitted as standard with a protective aluminium
foil that protects the base from the corrosive effects of water and
detergents. Upon request we can also line the cabinet sides with aluminium
foil for maximum protection. Sink cabinets with deep drawers are fitted
with movable internal accessories hat make the internal space more versatile
to use and easier to clean. The under-sink unit with hinged doors can be equipped with a sponge holder.

In the kitchen, the worktop and under-sink are ideal environments for the proliferation of bacterial fauna. The conditions of humidity and temperature, combined with constant contact with organic and food substances, favor the onset of mold and bacterial colonies which find an excellent growth substrate in soft gaskets. The special treatment introduced by Scilm in the production phase of its gaskets guarantees the elimination of any type of bacterial aggression; the new Scilm antibacterial seals are effective against a wide range of bacteria, molds and algae, protect backsplashes and under-sinks from damage, stains and corrosion, are suitable for contact with food and are absolutely harmless to humans and the environment. The antibacterial treatment of BIOShield Scilm is compatible with the average life of the kitchen.

EFFECTIVE against a wide range of common bacteria (pecilomyces variorii, gliocadium virens…), moulds, algae, unsightly colored spots of microbial origin, corrosion, yeasts.

HARMLESS for humans and the environment.

SUITABLE for contact with food.

DURABLE: compatible with the average life of the kitchen.

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The features that allow you to create a unique kitchen, personalized in those details that count.

Innovative materials

Dibiesse careful select the suppliers to offer a wide selection of cutting-edge materials and finishes, refined, innovative and able to satisfy the eye and functionality.

Dibiesse develops its production transversally: every improvement to the quality and performance of the product is implemented on each component, to ensure performance, durability, increasingly higher quality levels, reliability as well as a practically infinite number of solutions for your environment.

The panels are made of wood particles with the lowest formaldehyde content (E1) according to the UNI EN 1398 criteria, obtained from the reuse of wood material. This choice involves the protection of the environment and nature while still guaranteeing long life and high quality standards. Furthermore, they allow to reduce the costs of the panel itself, thus resulting in an economic saving for the buyer. The glue used is polyurethane. The packaging used is 100% recyclable (polystyrene, cardboard, shrink wrap).

Dibiesse relies on leading suppliers on the market: panels with the lowest formaldehyde emissions, mechanisms that guarantee functionality and comfort, cutting-edge technologies and appliances to better respond to daily needs.

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Personalized projects and 3D reality

Dibiesse authorized dealers are equipped with graphic design programs that allow you to view 3D projects in real time, for an even more realistic effect.
ADA DESIGN and COMPUSOFT offer the possibility of creating tailor-made projects, complete with a detailed quote, with high-resolution graphic rendering to make you immediately perceive the spaces and the composition as a whole.

At some retailers you can also experience virtual reality, entering the project tailored to your room.

Thanks to the graphic design program ( ADA DESIGN and COMPUSOFT), available from authorized Dibiesse dealers, it is possible to visualize the project of your own kitchen in real time: the photographic appearance allows you to become aware of the spaces, the arrangement of the furniture, helping you to get more involved in the project, better understand your own tastes, define priorities and make the right changes to make the kitchen more ergonomic. The program guarantees high work performance and makes the purchase of your own kitchen a simpler, more immediate and exciting experience.

Personalization, versatility and functionality allow you to create your own made-to-measure composition, which can also be adapted to rooms with limited spaces. One piece of advice for designing an ergonomic kitchen is to carefully identify and choose where to place the “work areas”, i.e. become aware of where and how the main activities will take place (the “preservation of food” which includes the fridge and the containers, the “cooking area” which includes the hob and oven, the “sink” area which must also consider a part where to arrange the dishes).

It is important to find the right location for these areas because most of the movements will take place between them. Taking the time to visualize workflows and organize spaces so that they are as fluid as possible allows you to design ergonomic kitchens.

Some examples based on the arrangement of the furniture:

LINEAR It is an efficient solution for long and narrow rooms. The furnishing elements are arranged along a wall and the workflow develops along a line.

DOUBLE LINEAR This arrangement is typical of kitchens arranged on two walls. Based on the space available between the two walls, the advice is to obtain worktops and functional areas on both walls, making the most of the space.

CORNER the most versatile solution because it allows you to position the work areas in the most ergonomic way. The advice is to imagine a triangle and arrange the zones on each corner.


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Wide modularity

Design your kitchen according to your requirements choosing among suspended base units or normal base unit with standard, XL or XXL modularity. Plinth of 6-8-10-12 or 15 cm. Wall units 36 or 43 cm deep. Worktops ranging from 1.2 cm thick to over 6 cm for some materials. Dibiesse offers a wide modularity with which to create projects tailored to one’s habits, height or budget.