The kitchen increasingly overlooks the living area, so it becomes important to think of these environments as integrated. Below we offer some original solutions for furnishing the living area.



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Coloured Boiseries can play a fundamental role to style the living area, the corridors, open spaces, the walls of the living room, to accessorize the entrance of the house, as long as the kitchen spaces.

Versatile and customizable, with thin shelves can be combined with other furnitures .

The options are plenty and adaptable to the needs and spaces availability.

Modular solutions

A wide modularity, different technical solutions, open elements, bookcases and shelves available in many finishes, allow to furnish several rooms in the house, allowing to mantaing a precise style throughout the different rooms.

Nowadays there are more and more homes that require “versatile” furnishing solutions, since the kitchen, dining area, living room and work area coexist in the same room. It is therefore highly appreciated to have modular solutions that are able to elegantly furnish this single room of the house in a harmonious way.

With an original and versatile approach, consistent with the modern living concept, the kitchen furniture – including base units, wall units and various open elements – can be combined and placed in adjacent rooms.
The fine finishes and smart solutions transform the kitchen into a modern open space living area.

Scroll the images to the right to see the proposed solutions.

Smart office

The Coronavirus emergency has radically changed people’s working habits. More and more often there is the need to organize a room, or a wall of the house, to make it a true office.

Inserting this new “environment” within an already defined contexts can be a challenge, which can be easily overcome if you use finishes and colors in harmony with the rest of the house.

in this way the new Smart Office will appear to be perfectly integrated into the living area or kitchen.

Below are some proposals made with wall units and suspended base units, combined with open elements and accessories that make this space functional as well as aesthetically pleasing

Scroll through the images below to see all the Smart Office proposals.

TV Area

How to furnish the TV area when the kitchen overlooks the living area?

Using the same finishesin the two environments! The wide modularity proposed by Dibiesse you can customize the spaces and create a suitable TV cabinet in perfect style with the kitchen.


Furnishing a corridor or a study adjacent to the kitchen can be simple by using the same colors or finishes in the two rooms. Or you can opt for a bookcase.

Here are some options!