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The originality of Zerocinque is determined by the unmistakable design of the door with pantographed handle and by the selection of extremely topical and trendy colors. A unique and unmistakable design for a minimal and elegant personality.

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Lacquered door with pantographed handle.
Door thickness 23 mm.

Modello di cucina con maniglia pantografata

An unmistakable design that of Zerocinque, thanks to the pantographed handle on the edge of the door: the kitchen with a pure, essential design, without frills. The soft curvature of the handle draws a soft, distinctive line, according to current trends.

Furthermore, the chromatic range allows its modularity to be declined in multiple styles and contexts.

The elegant simplicity is enhanced by the horizontal detail of the base doors and the vertical detail of the column doors. The purity of the forms does not lack functionality. Every detail gives value to the compositions and enhances their essence. Furthermore, each composition is enriched by smart elements that increase its functional and practical value during the preparation of the dishes.

The characteristics of the lacquer

Lacquered offers a perfect choice for those who want a clean and essential style. Without edges thanks to the radius of the doors, in glossy or matt finish, it combines perfectly with other finishes, enhancing the decor of the kitchen and other rooms of the house. Furthermore, the thickness of the doors conveys solidity and quality to the touch.
To give brightness to an environment, one immediately thinks of the glossy lacquered finish.
When you want a sophisticated kitchen, the most requested option is the matt lacquered finish.

Resistant to daily use, frequent cleaning and contact with water, the glossy lacquer, unlike the matt lacquer, reflects the light creating mirror effects and for this reason, it can make handprints on the surfaces more visible. However, its beauty also lies in cleaning, which is satisfied with a microfiber cloth and water, to be dried immediately to avoid marks left by limescale.