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with grip profile

The only aesthetic feature of this minimal kitchen model is the curved groove.
The simplicity that makes each composition special. The wide choice of finishes and colours, combined with the groove profile in many finishes and colors, offers a mix of creativity and versatility for the kitchen environment.

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Melamine or laminate
Smooth door th. 19/20mm
Curved grip profile

The curved grip profile as a decorative element in the kitchen with no handle

The main feature that distinguishes the kitchens with no handle is the essentiality which however manages to make each composition special. In fact, the curved groove that replaces the handle is the detail that can be in the same color or in contrast with the colors of the doors, becoming a simple structural accessory for opening the doors, or as the main aesthetic element that characterizes the entire composition.

What to know when designing a kitchen with a curved groove

When opting for a kitchen with a curved groove, there are some important pieces of information that can be useful for kitchen design: the curved groove profile creates a space just below the worktop that allows you to insert your fingers to open the kitchen doors. This profile is available in many metallic finishes, but can also be chosen in lacquered, matt or glossy finishes. The curved groove increases the space between the columns by 3 cm, so make sure to count one groove every two doors to allow them to be opened and to count them all when you check the final measurements of the wall.