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Spring Pro is a modern kitchen with a protruding profile that makes it an elegant and versatile kitchen.
The wide choice of finishes and colors, combined with the handle profile, make this model ideal for elegantly furnishing the kitchen space and other rooms in the house.

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Melamine or laminate
Door th. 19/20mm
Pro handle

Spring Pro stands out for its protruding handle profile in a brushed silver or black anodized finish. A distinctive detail in contrast with the doors and a practical accessory for opening the doors. Its minimal design, combined with the fine finishes of the doors, becomes ideal for furnishing other rooms in the house as well.

In this example, we see that the living area has been furnished with the same finishes as the adjacent kitchen. The well-kept furnishings are welcoming and harmonious.

Protruding profile for a minimal and long-lasting design

A protruding handle profile with a minimal and long-lasting design because it is capable of creating aesthetic and functional value for those who choose it. Spring Pro is a modern kitchen model, to be accessorized and made even more special thanks to the wide range of open elements and smart furnishing accessories.

Below we see a fairly large composition, made light by open elements skillfully inserted between the columns and in the living area, and by the use of glass to support the table attached to the kitchen.

Design details that make the difference and allow you to create original compositions, tailored to your needs and the space available.


Pro handle: minimal design for practical opening

The distinctive feature of this Pro handle is the very simple, squared look, which creates an ultra-thin and delicate line on the kitchen doors, slightly protruding to allow a comfortable grip and opening of the doors.

This profile protects the doors from contact with the hands, preserving their beauty and durability.

It should be noted that in this composition the handles of the columns are vertical, unlike other previous examples. This is an example of the great versatility of the Spring Pro model.