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Play time identifies the kitchen model with handle profile applied on the inclined edge of the laminate / melamine door. It is also available in the GI30 version, with curved grip profile positioned under the first drawer H 18 cm.


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Melamine or laminate
Door th. 19/20 mm
Time profile

The characteristic of modern kitchens with curved throat is the fact of having the furniture doors without the bridge handle accessory. To protect them from contact with your hands, you can choose to have an integrated profile to the door. In this case the profile has a 30 ° cut and has a part that protrudes on the upper border, which improves the grip and makes the opening of the doors more practical.

This modern design kitchen also contains another interesting detail: the dishwasher L 75 cm that combines the appliance with a open element where you can arrange dedicated detergents.

The door that covers the dishwasher can be plain, or it can replicate the line of the grip profile between the deep drawer doors, by adding a special frame between the doors and the dishwasher.

In the handless kitchens, the finish of the doors is the protagonist. In this composition, the spatulated texture was chosen, which imitates the surfaces of the walls, available in gritty or delicate nuances, capable of giving personality to the compositions.