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Play Lab identifies the L-handle profile applied on the upper or lateral edge of the laminate / melamine door. Also available in the GI30 version, with curved grip profile positioned under the first drawer H 18 cm.

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Melamine or laminate
Plain door th. 19/20 mm
Lab profile

Modular kitchens with peninsula are a beautiful aesthetic and functional solution. To better organize the work space, two sides of the kitchen can be organized to host the sink and the hob as well as the work area, while on the wall you will have more space for the columns where you can organize the pantry and where to place fridge e oven.

The kitchen without handle, for the opening of the doors, have a profile called curved or grip profile (“gola curva”) , which creates the space necessary to insert the fingers and open the doors.

In the bases this profile will be positioned under the work surface, while on the columns it is vertical profile between the doors.

The Lab profile is a metal insert on the edge of the door that protects the door from the contact with the hands, to preserve the cleaning and make the kitchen last longer.

Cucina con gola e profilo protettivo per le ante

Modular kitchens with grip profile and Lab profile are the ideal choice for those who want a clean and linear design without sacrificing practicality. The Lab profile in fact protects the doors from the direct touch of the hands, making the beauty of one’s cuisine last longer.

The Lab profile is practically invisible on the door. Available either in metal finishes (brushed silver or anodized aluminum) or in opaque lacquered or anodyc lacquered finishes that reproduces metal colors or anchors in material finishes such as clay, natural cement.


Handle -free modular kitchens are ideal for those who want a clean and linear design. However, when you cook a lot, it is important to choose the profiles applied to the door, which preserve the beauty of the kitchen by limiting the contact with the hands.