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Mia is the result of a research path dedicated to the kitchen and living area to translate a traditional style into an eclectic and creative kitchen. The frame is the protagonist that animates furnishing components and accessories, while the finishes and colors complete the narration of the space.

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Oak essence and matt lacquer
Frame door
External handle

The Dibiesse Mia kitchen comes from the traditional Nordic style interpreted in a more contemporary, eclectic and creative key.

The materials used are natural and the setting of the project is dictated by the organization, perfect representation for modern families.

The beauty of this style lies in the details which convey comfort, organization and luminosity with absolute harmony and balance.

In fact, Mia is capable of welcoming the dynamism of contemporary families, inviting at the same time to enjoy the relaxation of everyday moments.

The Dibiesse Mia kitchen is designed for people and their needs. The project is available in different depths and heights, well suited to modular elements that can be customized according to your style.

Mia is the maximum expression of natural materials, clean lines ready to welcome the exuberance of the whole family.

In Northern Europe the kitchen is always declined in a simple style, with essential lines and natural colours.

If you too want to recreate that typical welcoming effect of Scandinavian-style kitchens, then the MIA project is absolutely in line with your needs.