Cucine   LESMO


Lesmo is the curved design on the kitchen doors. It adds sinuosity to the compositions, a detail that characterizes the Area22 and Spring models, giving to the basic geometries a new interpretation.

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Door in melamine or laminate th.19/20 mm
Door in wood, matt/glossy lacquer or anodyc lacquer, natural cement, stream, clay, th. 22mm
Lesmo profile

The detail of the Lesmo curve, on the upper edge of the base doors or on the side of the tall unit doors, partially covers the curved groove profile, giving the compositions an interesting and innovative aesthetic.

The Lesmo kitchen by Dibiesse Cucine is the ideal choice for those who want a touch of originality and sinuosity in their environment.

With its characteristic curvature on the upper part of the doors, Lesmo breaks with current patterns and offers new interpretations of geometries, creating an original and striking aesthetic.

The Lesmo model is available for Dibiesse Cucine’s Spring and Area22 models and is characterized by its gentle curve on the upper edge of the doors.

This simple yet elegant detail catches the eye and invites the eye to appreciate the details of the kitchen, making it more interesting and sophisticated.

The linearity of the doors becomes more interesting and the whole composition gets a more elegant and dynamic look.

Choose the Lesmo model for a kitchen with a unique and original design, capable of creating new proportions and an aesthetic impact.

Lesmo is the perfect choice for those looking for a unique detail that can make their kitchen different from all the others and that knows how to best express their personality.