Cucine   GI30


A kitchen with curved groove characterized by the GI30 configuration, in which the curved groove is positioned under the top drawer of the kitchen.


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The lower doors can have a 30° cut (for the Area22 model) or a straight edge, or with a Lab or Time profile (for the Area22 and Play models).

GI30 stands for “GOLA INTERMEDIA 30°”, or 30° middle groove (door).
This model was created to enhance the Area22 kitchen with a 30° edge and to give a more contemporary look to the kitchen.

This modularity is characterized by the position of the curved groove which is no longer under the worktop and between the two deep drawers, but is moved under the first 18 cm drawer. The lower door can be hinged or basket.

The aesthetics of the kitchen with curved groove is completely updated by placing the profile under the top drawer. The lower doors can have a straight or 30° cut edge or they can be optionally fitted with the Lab or Time profiles to protect the doors.