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dettaglio anta in alluminio spessa 10 mm

The Filo kitchen model is characterized by an aluminum honeycomb door, ultra light and ultra thin (only 10 mm thick). Fine finishes such as powder coatings, lacquers, essences. Innovative kitchen model, maximum expression of technique and elegance, making this kitchen durable and the of long lasting quality.

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Designed by Michele Marcon
Developed by Dibiesse Lab



FILO is the ideal choice for those who love uniqueness and innovation.

Aluminum is declined here in its maximum expression of elegance and lightness. The FILO kitchen project was born from the creativity of Michele Marcon Design and was shaped into an attractive and harmonious design.

Filo is a kitchen with a young and refined personality but with an essence of truly innovative technique.

The core of FILO is made of aluminum honeycomb, only 10 mm thick. This is how the kitchen doors are made up, guaranteeing solidity and lightness even for the large formats.

Filo is completed by fine finishes and accessories with a strong aesthetic connotation, such as the curved corner elements or the Brooklyn table. Or a detail on the edge of the doors: the Vogue profile.

Soft detailing that can also be found on the corners of base units and tall units, thus eliminating sharp edges.

The final dress of this composition can be chosen from powder coatings, lacquered or essences.

Technical features:


Door in aluminum honeycomb, ultra light and ultra thin (only 10 mm thick). Prestigious finishes. Innovative kitchen model, maximum expression of technique and elegance.

Distinctive details make Filo the kitchen model suitable for creating unique and recognizable furnishings:

– the Vogue rounded profile, on the upper or side edge of the doors, as an alternative to the straight aluminum edge.
– the curved corner elements, for bases or columns, which soften the edges and let the light slide over the surfaces.
– the Brooklyn table, made with a single folded panel and rounded corners.
– the Kei column door, ninety centimeters wide, shaped to make the oven accessible.