Cucine   DJ


The DJ (double Job) configuration is the Job profile under the first drawer of the base units and lends itself to creating suggestive designs.

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Door in melamine or laminate th.19/20 mm
Door in wood, matt/glossy lacquer or anodyc lacquer, natural cement, stream, clay, th. 22mm
Upper H.12 drawer with short Job profile on the lower edge.
Bottom door, hinged or basket, with high Job profile on the upper edge.

DJ modularity is particularly interesting when the kitchen top has the same color as the first drawer.

In the collection we offer the possibility of choosing the tops in the same finish or in the same color as the doors. In this proposal, for example, the doors and top are in Fenix NTM grigio bromo. The top drawer seems almost integrated into the worktop, which has a more massive appearance. The Job profile underneath, draws a contrasting line, like a belt that embraces the kitchen.




FENIX NTM is an innovative material that comes from the laminate process to which nanotechnologies have been applied.

It provides a multi-layer coating, treated with nanoparticles and new generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed with an innovative method.
This process results in a material which is soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint, matt and extremely resistant, so much so that it can withstand bumps and scratches, but also the effects of solvents and reagents typically used in domestic cleaning.

DJ for Area22 and Spring models

The DJ base units, for Spring or Area22 models, are characterized by having the Job handle profile under the top drawer. This new arrangement creates an optical effect which increases the thickness of the worktop, especially if the top and first drawer are chosen in the same colour, in contrast with the lower door.

In questa composizione il piano di lavoro è stato realizzato nel colore Similgibson e il primo cassetto in melaminico Gibson. La tonalità è praticamente identica, mentre cambia leggermente la granulosotà della superficie. Questa differenza è dovuta al fatto che il piano di lavoro è realizzato in laminato, mentre l’anta in melaminico.

With a par excellence sturdiness and practical to clean, laminate surfaces are made of sheets impregnated with phenolic resin or thermosetting melamine up to a thickness of 6 or 7 tenths of a mm, compressed onto wood fibre panel.
The thickness of the impregnated sheets determines the hardness and resistance levels to impact, scratches and general wear: the thicker it is, the more resistant the surface will be.

Since they are subjected to less stress than the tops, the doors are often made of melamine. This finish in made with with sheets of decorative paper impregnated with thinner melamine resins (compared to laminate) to offer more textured surfaces. Indeed, a characteristic of melamine doors is the ability to faithfully reproduce the veins and colors of the wood, as well as the textures and spatula effects typical of walls, favoring a wide choice of aesthetic solutions.

Inverted DJ for the Living area

The versatility of the DJ program allows you to create even very original compositions, such as the console proposed for the living room.