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The modern Area 22 kitchen represents the spearhead of all the proposals signed Dibiesse Cucine.
The wide modularity, various precious finishes, the wide possibility of customizing the types of openings, are the characteristics of Area22.

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Glossy/matt lacquer, fenix, oak essence, elm essence, Canaletto walnut, natural cement, clay, anodyc lacquer, pet and stream
Smooth door th. 22mm
External handle

In this composition with biano ghiaccio lacquered doors, the handles have a great impact, especially in the column area, where, positioned at ground level, they create an interesting interplay of vertical lines, in contrast to the shelves of the under-cabinet Teka bookcase.

The wall units, on the other hand, made in the anodyc lacquered finish that faithfully reproduces the reflective finish of the metals, are left without handles.

The wide modularity of Dibiesse kitchens allows you to create and furnish other rooms in the house as well. In this composition, for example, we see that a kitchen column door is transformed into a passage to access the study or work area.

This element is called One-way Passing Door (because it opens in one direction only) and it is a real door that allows you to access to other rooms in the house.

The One-way Passing Door reveals an open element L 15 cm which remains hidden when the door is closed.
The protrusion of the door, due to the presence of that open element, becomes a lever with which to close the door if you decide to have the kitchen without handle.

Modular kitchens with handle

Of all the modern solutions, modular kitchens with handles are definitely the most functional. Perfect both for those who love a minimal style and for more whimsical people, they are the ideal choice for those who want a practical and functional kitchen model and see handles as an indispensable ally for using the kitchen without leaving fingerprints.

In this composition the kitchen doors, the bridge handles and the plinths have been made in the new anodyc lacquered finish created with 8 processing steps and the use of innovative paints. Its characteristics are to perfectly reproduce the mirroring effect of metals, while maintaining the “right” touch of opacity.

This kitchen is designed without wall units and without visible appliances. In fact, the oven has been hidden inside recessed doors, while the hood is integrated into the induction hob.

The corners of the island have also been rounded off thanks to the Korner elements.


The advantages of modular kitchens with handles

The modern design of modular kitchens with handles adapts perfectly to many home styles, especially in terms of functionality. There are many advantages in choosing this type of configuration:

> the handles allow the doors to be opened without leaving fingerprints on the surfaces, leaving doors cleaner for longer;

> handles might become the element that gives personality to the kitchen composition. But they can easily be hidden if chosen to match the doors, so to keep the functionality without creating  visual interruptions in the composition.

> being an independent accessory, it can be replaced over time, to completely change the look of the composition.


This composition has been proposed in the innovative clay finish, in the delicate Panarea shade. The drafting of this finish is done by hand, so each door is different from the other.

The peninsula at table height has been entirely made in the precious Canaletto walnut finish. The counter also has a sloping edge for an even more elegant touch. the kitchen worktop, on the other hand, was made of Medea stone. To bring out the particular veins of the natural stone, it was decided to use a play of thicknesses.

The majesty of the column wall is interrupted by full-height open elements, also in Canaletto walnut essence. They enhance verticality without adding weight.