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A characteristic J-shaped profile on the top or side of the doors becomes a distinctive feature of Area22 Job kitchens, for a strong aesthetic impact.

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Glossy/matt lacquer, fenix, oak essence, elm essence, Canaletto walnut, natural cement, clay, anodyc lacquer, pet and stream
Smooth door th. 22mm
Job profile

The Area22 Job kitchen model by Dibiesse Cucine is carachterized by a j shape profile on the top of the doors. The Job profile, combined with precious and refined finishes, characterized the composition, increasing the quality of life.

With its wide modularity and high quality finishes, Area22 adapts perfectly to the needs of the home, creating welcoming and personalized environments. It fits perfectly to furnish the living area with style.

Area22 environments offer an experience of conviviality and interaction, creating a fluid and intimate but at the same time versatile space.