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Equipping the kitchen worktop: ideas for exploiting the area between base and wall units

The kitchen is the area in the home where there never seem to be enough surfaces to put things on. There’s a space that’s often ignored when planning a kitchen, which can prove to be of strategic importance in terms of both practicality and functionality and aesthetics: the worktop, understood as the area between base and wall units (splashback, to use the jargon). Normally, it can occupy a minimal space, the entire space between the base and wall units, but also all of the space offered by the wall (if you choose to eliminate the wall units and tiles completely).

Equipping the kitchen worktop can make the kitchen itself more practical.

Between base and wall units: a space to be equipped!

Usually, the area between top and wall units is lined with materials such as tiles, laminate panels, Fenix NTM, steel or glass (the most practical in cleaning terms). But, if you consider at this area with the aim of exploiting it, you can get a lot of interesting ideas. For example, if you opt for a deeper top, you can accessorise the kitchen worktop with genuine elements of composition, which make the workspace more functional.

Let’s see some ideas!


A more extensive solution for equipping the kitchen worktop is to use painted aluminium MODULAR elements, with a choice of accessories such as roll holders, ladle holders, iPad holders and glass holders.

attrezzare lo schienale della cucina con elementi a giorno in metallo

Opt for equipped channels

An alternative of interest to those who don’t want to take up the whole area between base and wall units (also valid for islands and peninsulas) is provided by the decision to insert accessorised channels, as with BARAZZA: this solution occupies the depth of the top (beyond the hob and the sink) and is personalised to contain various elements such as, for example, drainers, cutlery holders, bottle holders, etc.

Accessoriare il piano di lavoro con canali attrezzati

Shelves for spices!

A more elaborate solution to take advantage of the area between the base and wall units is to use shelves of different thicknesses A more elaborate system for exploiting the base and wall unit area even more effectively involves the use of shelves of varying thicknesses, arranged freely and attached directly to the wall or on the splashback different materials: for example, the lacquered Tetris, freely arranged, directly hung on the wall or on the backrest, are very nice and they can give a touch of color to the kitchen.

Inserire mensoline porta spezie dietro il piano di lavoro

Rail for holding accessories.

Last, but no less trivial, is the idea of equipping the backrest with a rail with fixed systems for holding accessories.

Choosing to accessorise the back panel and more generally the area between the base and wall units and consider it usable for arranging work tools and accessories, guarantees a high level of practicality during the preparation of dishes and makes the worktop more functional and cheerful Work.

Aggiungere una barra porta mestoli sotto i pensili della cucina

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