Dibiesse SPA

Since 1973 we are committed to conceiving, designing and producing “personalized, modern, beautiful, well-made kitchens that last over time”.

Designing innovative environments that combine aesthetics, creativity and practicality. Share with the clients a consolidated experience on design and build kitchens that not only are beautiful, and functional but that will also last a lifetime; Alltogether, offering a complete and dedicated service.



Inauguration of the new corporate spaces and showrooms.

Dibiesse s.p.a. celebrates the completion of the expansion and renovation works of its headquarters: a space that is projected to host, in addition to the offices, over 700 m2 of product displays and 50 m2 of area dedicated to training the sales network.


Opening of jrk design at "Muro 18"

Dibiesse decides, in the most difficult year ever due to the contingencies dictated by Covid-19, to renew the showroom in Milan. The inauguration evening of the new 6 windows flagship store, on via San Giovanni sul Muro 18, was held on 8 October 2020. The set-up of the new space is designed entirely jointly with the partners. The goal is to create a format that is representative of the Dibiesse identity: dynamic, proactive and current and which could then be exported to other strategic markets. A signal therefore that look to the Italian and foreign future with farsightedness.


MIlan - jrk design flagship store expands

The new exhibition space can be defined as the synthesis of Dibiesse. The proposed solutions tell the company's philosophy and allow you to evaluate not only the quality of the offer but also the planning and therefore the customization of every need. Here the potential of the company is realized. The showroom is set up with all the new products and the offer is transversally represented in terms of systems, materials and finishes.


Opening of our Flagship store

The opening night of the first flagship store in Milan was organized on the occasion of the Milan Design Week. In the heart of the five streets, Dibiesse sets an important flag in the Lombard capital, with a space created in partnership with architects Riccardo Pagura, Jacopo De Santis and partner Karim Stadelmann (the acronym of the brand: jrk design).


Expocasa Torino and FENIX NTM.

2014 opens with the presentation of new projects at the Expocasa event in Turin. Among the novelties presented was FENIX NTM: an innovative material obtained with the use of latest generation resins and nanotechnologies that make it anti-fingerprint, scratch resistant and restorable.


BIC 3.0. a new total living experience.

The second week of October 2013 Dibiesse participates in the third edition of the BIC 3.0. In collaboration with CLEVER and DITRE ITALIA, a total living experience is offered to the visiting customer, including the kitchen, living area and sleeping area. On this occasion Dibiesse presents the new Smile kitchen model and a rich range of colors for the Easy 13 model.


Eurocucina, Salone del Mobile, Milan.

Dibiesse participates in Eurocucina 2012 at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, bringing Tratto, a kitchen concept where tradition and innovation come together in a single product. The naturalness of natural elm is combined with the innovative eco-cement, a compound based on water and materials of 100% natural origin, applied by hand to maintain the authenticity of the natural and material effect. The Tratto handle is proposed for the first time which, completely integrated into the door and invisible to the eye, allows for the creation of an invincible combination which sees on the one hand the functionality of the opening with the handle and on the other the aesthetic and linear cleanliness of the door.


Renewal of the production line

The entire production line was renewed: almost 9,000 m2 of surface area were rethought, redesigned and renewed with the installation of a rotating belt and updated machines for the new management of semi-finished products (a panel saw, a NC machine for drilling and milling, a through to NC for drilling, milling and insertion). The entire line, fully automated, occupies an area of 8000 m2. This profound transformation has marked the transition from manual to automated production, obtaining a more efficient workflow, making the work of the workers in production faster, more profitable and more performing, who have kept their jobs, with an implementation of their professionalism.


New Models

Dibiesse S.p.A. expands its collection with the Asolo, Tendy, Thai, Klass, Quadra, and Donna kitchens


New Models

During the 90s Dibiesse S.p.A. expands its collection with the Futura, Epoca, Dama, Medea, Vela, Tria and Spazio kitchens


“Arredamenti Dibiesse S.n.c.” changes and become Dibiesse S.p.A.

“Arredamenti Dibiesse S.n.c.” changes its name to become Dibiesse S.p.A. increasing its work and prospective. Cutting edge features models, ranging from lacquered to essence finishes goes along with a more comprehension of the market needs; the customer service becomes a commitment and the kitchen area becomes a place where experiment finishes and colours.


The first kitchen, Rossella

The first kitchen, Rossella, laied the groundwork for this project and launches what will be a long history of success.


Arredamenti Dibiesse S.n.c. begins its adventure in 1973

Arredamenti Dibiesse S.n.c. begins its adventure in 1973, in the middle of Treviso's hills. The new company is proposing itself with enthusiasm, great energy and the desire to grow.