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DIBIESSE kitchens, a new headquarters with a vision oriented towards people’s well-being.

Dibiesse is locatet ih the heart of Prosecco hills, where its founder Luigi De Biasi comes from.

A fifty-year history that reaches the second generation today.

For some years now, the Campea di Miane headquarters has undergone a profound restyling operation involving structural and working concept, honoring the company’s mission, oriented towards high quality design.

“After fine-tuning production, with interventions to make the work of the workers more efficient, automatic and faster, we decided to invest in the restyle of our headquarters, and give a new look to the offices”, says Daniele De Biasi, the son of the president “A necessary step for aligning the company’s appearance with the aesthetic direction that we propose in our catalogues. We are convinced that investing in our headquarters is also essential for underlining the brand’s values and making them immediately recognisable. It is also an investment to improve the working environment for the people who work here: the real added value of Dibiesse.”


The project involved the renovation of the operative offices, the area dedicated to the display of products and the meeting room. The exterior was designed to blend in with the surroundings: a cladding in alternating modules, in a desaturated green tone, which mitigates the dimensions.

The large ton sur ton logo becomes more visible at sunset, thanks to the retroactive lighting system.

The production area has been characterized by anthracite gray walls and metal mesh inserts in the same colour. This allows to reduce the visual impact and goes perfectly with the greenery.

We used a linear and respectful design that elegantly gets noticed and remembered, which is also the rule also adopted to furnish all our interior spaces.

The large entrance of the Dibiesse kitchens headquarters, where the operational offices are located, is governed by the natural light that flows freely inside thanks to the glass walls.

Large windows then frame the long corridor, visually eliminating the division of spaces and giving the perception of a single environment.

Thanks to an innovative internal ventilation system, it is possible to have a constant recirculation of air, even in the coldest months.

Wellness environments

The chosen color palette is sober, without excesses, alternating the use of stone, gray and black.

Taking advantage of the company’s design skills, Dibiesse has managed to create most of the structures and components that furnish the entrances and offices.

2+2 panelings cover the entrance, made in noce americano melamine; the cladding of the ceiling  is in Gibson melamine with luminous inserts. The offices at the entrance are furnished with desks and suspended base units, again in Gibson melamine finishing .

Even the reception counter was created in-house, with the GI30 modularity, in Fenix NTM nero ingo and luminous inserts to enhance the shapes.

The offices and the shelves of the various offices are also built internally.

The exhibition space

The two upper floors has been organized to house a conference room for 50 people and the entire range of products.

The melamine/laminate collections are displayed on the first floor: the space was conceived with compositions with a domestic look, which highlight the company’s great flexibility in creating environments for different tastes and needs, according to the most recent trends.

While on the second floor the compositions have been created that highlight the planning and customizationof the production.

The internal production is our beating heart that distinguishes us from many other purely commercial realities”, explains Daniele De Biasi. “Every one of our models and every product that we add to our catalog is conceived, designed and built internally, working with an external design studio for the design part and selecting the best suppliers on the market to obtain the best in terms of quality and durability. ”

Dibiesse offers a large catalog of products and furnishing solutions in line with the major market trends.

Dibiesse cucine designs innovative and concrete solutions that respond effectively to problems of space and functionality.

The second floor: planning and customization