Total white for the kitchen

Total white for the kitchen

white kitchen

A white kitchen: why choose total white.


Never boring, white lends elegance to classic rooms, enhances the friezes and lace of shabby chic, and is particularly suited to minimalism and the rigour of modern style.This shade can expand space, reflect light and adapt perfectly to every style or fashion, while greatly brightening any room.

Contrary to what you might think, opting for total white in your kitchen is a colour choice that will work with many design visions.

cucina total white dallo stile shabby chic

>>Total white for a kitchen shabby chic


The theory of colors

White is associated with ideas of ​​hygiene, balance and formal cleanliness.

In Feng Shui, white is the Yang part (one of the two parts of the whole) and is ideal in places where dynamic activities are carried out.

Whatever the style or type of home, there isn’t one shade of total white. There are colder whites which have light grey or blue hues and whites with a warmer effect appearing beige or yellow.

cucina in legno bianco e azzurro

>>For the kitchen at the sea house, mix the white with some blue


A white kichen

Considering that we all spend a large part of free time in the kitchen, white is the perfect choice for the space. Not only do we cook and eat in the kitchen but we often study, work and entertain our friends.

cucina bianca affiancata a complementi in finitura rovere naturale.

>>White kitchen with natural oak details.


White is no more delicate than other colours.Stains, incrustations or other types of dirt must be removed immediately because they are easier to see, but choosing the most suitable material for your lifestyle can remove any anxiety about cleaning.

For example white lacquered or finished wood, rather than lacquered matt, will reduce the appearance of hand prints.On the other hand, glossy lacquered surfaces show fingerprints more, but it is a very simple material to clean with a damp cloth.

cucina bianca con dettagli verde timo.

>>White kichen with green details

White as a base for other colors

To make kitchen appear less cold and clinical, indulge by mixing finishes and textured surfaces together.Using white on wooden surfaces, fabrics and matt or glossy lacquered surfaces allows you to customise your space and give it a touch of luxury. Playing with variation and shade to create special effects and contrasts, and with light and shadows, will give you a striking result.


Declinare il bianco in tutte le superfici della stanza

>>white textures and surfaces to make white kitchen less cold and clinical


If you are still not fully convinced about a completely white kitchen why not add touches of color to the room. To liven up and highlight a white kitchen, you can choose a counter top in neutral tones, such as grey or taupe, which will lend an air of comfort and tranquillity to the space. Or use colour for the kitchen walls,this is an excellent way to bring your room to life in an instant.

cucina in finitura legno bianco con top in rovere naturale. Frigo L 75 cm.

>>A light color top to add a highlight a white kitchen. Fridge L 75 cm.


Una parete colorata fa risaltare una cucina chiara

>>Use colour for the kitchen walls, to bring the kitchen out