Arranging a smart working space at home

The impact of the health emergency that we’re living through has meant changing some of our habits, including work habits.

If before only freelancers worked from home, after what’s happened an increasing number of professionals still need to work from home to this day, be it out of necessity or out of a newfound convenience.

We have thus been forced to organise ourselves and rethink some domestic spaces to allow us to work remotely.

What do you need to work from home?

The first step is to realise a well-defined space in your home where you can conveniently perform your work tasks.

This space will have to accommodate all the tools that can help to make work more fluid, organised and orderly. It must also have containers and shelves to hold and order all the tools, accessories and stationery for carrying out your work.

Making work space in the home?

There are, of course, many different solutions for creating a home work space.

If you don’t have an extra room to fit out as a “work zone”, the best solution is to adapt the living area furniture.

Adapting the living area for the home office.

In the Area22 catalogue, some solutions have been proposed for organising an adequate home working space, adapting the furniture usually provided to furnish the living area.


Total black version with suspended drawer box base units in the same colour as the peninsula counter, with glass support, and with the Light Boiserie. All made of nero ingo Fenix NTM.

Removing the last Light Boiserie gives you the space for the suspended TV.

Composition created using suspended baskets in anodyc finish, with Light Boiserie and grigio minerale elm wood desk. The top is supported by the black anodised vestimi leg.

Again, the television could be placed between the boiserie and the desk.

This proposal, on the other hand, is better suited to an area that people pass through. The more elaborate solution features a bianco kos Fenix NTM counter with supporting side panel. A shelf to accessorise the upper part and suspended drawers to match with the suspended baskets in the living area.


Functionality also for the work area.

Drawing once more on the kitchens catalogue, accessories are available that can make the work area more functional as well, like the towers or multi-sockets built into the work surface. Equipped with USB and Schuko sockets, they become an essential component for organising a smart working space as effectively as possible.