Small kitchen? Choose a concealed table

Small kitchen? Choose a concealed table

Kitchen with concealed table

More and more houses today have a small kitchen, but that does not mean a kitchen short on functionality. When kitchen space is tight but you don’t want to give up on using this area of the house to the fullest, having a retractable table can be the answer.


Pull-out tables: the advantages in the kitchen

Anyone who loves cooking dinner for friends and family knows that it can seem difficult to manage in a small kitchen. As already mentioned, this is where retractable tables come into their own, becoming great allies in the daily tasks in this room of the house.

How do these useful pieces of furniture work? First up there are pull-out solutions, such as the Lunch Table, where you can store both the food and utensils needed when you are cooking. Easy to open, when they are closed they appear to be normal drawers, so don’t affect the aesthetic of your kitchen in any way.

Other concealed table options include rotatable tables hidden under the worktops. These are a particularly useful design for anybody who needs a little more space but doesn’t want to sacrifice their kitchen drawers.

Under worktop rotatable tables do exactly what their name suggests, positioned below the worktop they allow you to have an extra surface on which to store everything you need to prepare your favourite recipes.


The kitchen is without doubt a place of creativity but one mustn’t forget practicality. This is where retractable tables come into their own as they are very versatile and able to offer an extra surface, both when preparing food and when you have guests for dinner and need space for all those plates. With the right care and attention to design even the smallest kitchen can become a realm of practicality!

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