Prototyping, tailor made and life-time value

Prototyping, tailor made and life-time value

“Welcome to our new Headqarter”

In 2008, the entire production line was automated.
In 2020, the renovated headquarters and opening in Milan coincided with the most difficult year on record. Over time, Dibiesse will export Italian design – done well

It was 1973 when Luigi De Biasi, current chairman and founding director, founded Dibiesse Spa. Today, his project is now known all over Italy, which, almost fifty years ago, would have been the culmination of a dream. That dream was to launch a business in the area that was capable of “…making beautiful kitchens that could last for a lifetime”, says De Biasi. The company’s core business is precisely that – kitchens, although these same kitchen components can also be adapted to furnish other areas in the home.

In via G. Rossini 28, in Campea di Miane outside of Treviso, Dibiesse selected the space for its headquarters and manufacturing. Today, the company spans over 12,000 m2, divided between offices, a 700 m2 showroom, 50 m2 for staff training, and almost 9,000 m2 for its production line.


In 2008, an investment was made to renovate the production area, and it concluded in 2020 with the renovation of the sales area. This transformation was made necessary due to the need to strengthen the company’s identity by enhancing its internal production capabilities. It provides in-depth knowledge for every phase of the product’s lifespan, from its origin to its tailor-made production.

The upgraded work environment is a reflection of almost 50 years of experience and showcases the ideas the company has brought to life over its path of growth.