New kitchen trends

New kitchen trends

New Style profilo DJ (double Job) copertina del REEL


As already read in this article, the trend in kitchen design increasingly sees the absence of handles, to leave the surfaces as clean as possible, without visual interruptions.

Truly said, to protect the doors from continuoius contact with hands, the handles are often “hidden”.


By choosing profiles applied on the edge of the doors.

For an even more monochromatic effect, some profiles can be customized to be in the same color as the doors.

As you can see in these pictures: the JOB profiles have been chosen in the same gray tone of the doors.

The profile is there, it performs its function of protecting the doors, but it does not compromise the aesthetics of the kitchen, which remains minimal and elegant, as desired.

Within our collections, Job profile goes with SPRING melamine and laminate model and with AREA22 for the finest finishes.



The columns also adapt to this train, proposing the JOB profile along the length of the doors.

Another trend of the moment is designing modern kitchens without wall units.

The kitchen immediately takes on an elegant and clean look: it appears lighter.

The space for storing dishes and larder can be recovered by adding large cupboards to the side of the oven and fridge columns.



A new video is now available on our Instagram account to watch Area22 with DJ modularity.

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