Milan’s furniture fair week is once again confirmed as an essential and unique appointment for design enthusiasts and all companies in the sector.

The concentration of stimuli, ideas, exhibitions and innovations presented on the field is surprising, to say the least, not only for the experts but, as we’ve just mentioned, also for the enthusiasts who crowd the aisles of the fair pavilions and the streets of the Fuorisalone every year.

In these cases, a bit of patriotic pride is a must: the Salone del Mobile represents a unique showcase in the world for Italian excellence, featuring the brands of the “Bel Paese”, in synergy with foreign brands, resulting in an event where craftsmanship and innovation are undisputedly at the forefront.Placed alongside so many different realities, belonging to a world without borders, we do not disfigure; on the contrary, we stand out.

In 2019, Euroluce was a reference event for the entire fair.The appointment with Eurocucina is set for next year. Of course this field was talked about and, in part, we also had a some space.In fact, in the JKR Design space on Via Brentano, just steps away from the Sforza Castle and Piazzale Cadorna, we presented a concept that is totally new to us.



Naturalness, materiality and craftsmanship are the basic concepts of this common thread that has seen the frame of our top model Vestimi completed with two truly exclusive materials.



Lava was chosen for the doors of the base unit. Clay, with its unmistakable concreteness and its ability to recall the concept of earth, covers the doors of the tall units.


Spring Pro

The model created for Milano Design Week at JRK Design on Via Brentano seems like an apartment in New York.

It is a project dedicated to metropolitan relaxation, and it is totally new to us. The concept involves DJ suspended base units (with Job handle) integrated into a top cut along the edge to make its 12 mm thickness even more imperceptible.

The lights complete the atmosphere: both those inside the Doha cabinet, with black anodised internal frame and shelves and smoked grey glass, and those chosen to furnish the wall behind the sofa. The colours used are satin pearl grey and Fenix NTM.




Living Area

At the Salone del Mobile we presented something new for the living room as well, combining two exclusive models. The DJ base units (double Job) they were made with the first front panel in Area 22 with black Fenix NTM finish, with the upper edge cut at 30°, to be combined with the HPL top in Fenix NTM black with an oblique edge.

The lower drawer is made as Spring Job in a metallic finish, so as to make the top almost invisible and, above all, extremely elegant.

The Doha suspended cabinet is also very elegant, with transparent smoked glass, lit from within by two blades of LED lights integrated into the cabinet.