The many faces of laminate kitchens

The many faces of laminate kitchens


3 good reasons to choose a laminate kitchen:

Flexibility, practicality and good price!

What is the best way to outfit a modern kitchen with practical, long-lasting materials? The right compromise can be found in laminate and melamine. This is the ideal solution for anyone looking for flexibility and plasticity, but who also wants a kitchen that is impact and moisture resistant and anti-infiltration.

Laminate finish: the main distinctive features

Laminate is an antistatic, homogeneous compound that can be used for both the doors and counter tops. Among other things, it is able to guarantee high levels of impermeability, homogeneity and compactness. Another point in its favour is the economic factor as it is a very competitive option, especially as compared to materials such as marble, gres and steel.


When laminate is used in furnishings, it takes on a sheet-like aspect obtained through the compression of several layers of paper soaked in phenolic or melamine resin. The thickness of the sheets used and the selected processing influence which variation of Formica will be created.


Melamine, also known as laminate faced, is a wooden panel covered in a synthetic material made of very thin sheets of paper (approximately a tenth of a mm) impregnated with melamine resin. How resistant a laminate or melamine product depends on the material itself and on the glueing systems.


Dibiesse uses polyurethane glue for the door edges, which is resistant to moisture, water, water vapour and heat. There are about 40 colours to choose from between the laminate and melamine, and there are six different types of door opening systems on the kitchen models (website link). The main solutions available with this finishing are:

The kitchen models in laminate finish

  • Spring, which offers versatility at affordable prices;
  • Spring Pro, which comes with a handle profile on the upper edge of the door to differentiate it from Spring;
  • Spring JOB, with a profile that ‘mimics’ the groove effect;
  • PLAY, with doors in melamine/laminate, two upper or side handle profiles (LAB or TIME) and a groove profile.


The Dibiesse kitchens made in laminate and melamine are ready for delivery and are highly customisable according to requests. In spite of the differences between one model and another, all of the variants have an excellent quality-price ratio, last over time, and adapt perfectly to any type of decor.


If you would like to learn more about how to outfit a modern kitchen with a practical, long-lasting material like laminate, click here to request further information.


Spring Model - laminate kitchen      Spring Model - laminate kitchen      Spring Model - laminate kitchen