Laminam: why is it a perfect material for a kitchen?

Laminam: why is it a perfect material for a kitchen?

vestimi cucina in laminam

A Laminam kitchen: properties and maintenance suggestions.

Choosing Laminam as a material for your kitchen means opting for a multifaceted, resistant and long-lasting solution, one that’s completely non-flammable and antibacterial, in the category of ceramics.

Tops made using this finish are unalterable and have no problems standing up to stains: whether it’s grease, wine, lemon or coffee, all it takes is a wipe with sponge and soap to get rid of any trace of dirt in a flash.

Laminam kitchen - Dibiesse

Vestimi model in Laminam

Laminan is an extremely hygienic material particularly suited to contact with food. Its properties also allow it to resist scratches, abrasion, mould, mildew, humidity and very high or low temperatures.

As well as all this, it stands up extremely well to exposure to sunlight and the use of chemicals like solvents and disinfectants: in both cases, the properties of the ceramic remain entirely unaltered even years into the future.

Since Laminam is a finish characterised by a great degree of flexibility and hardness, it’s effectively suitable for any kind of setting (elegant, rustic, minimalist, etc.).

This material can be used to produce designer solutions and solutions marked by high standards of taste and aesthetics. Proposals capable of meeting the most wide-ranging requirements, offering an excellent solution for those seeking the right balance of practicality and style.

Laminam also ensures many advantages from the perspective of the environment and cost: compared to materials like marble and stone, it has a lower environmental impact and costs considerably less.

Dibiesse proposes this finish for creating kitchen worktops or for personalising the frames of the Vestimi model.


For all the cleaning operations, we recommend to use hot water and neutral detergents, performing a test on a small area of the material with the product you intend to use. Please note that, in general, the quicker you act to remove a stain, the easier it will be to remove it. Any marks or stains found on surfaces are usually due to incorrect and superficial cleaning. Please follow the information on the technical data sheets and labels of the products used.