Inox, colored or green? The taps in the modern kitchens

Inox, colored or green? The taps in the modern kitchens

A kitchen tap must be more than just functional. In fact, it is a fundamental design furnishing detail. There are numerous types on the market. Before thinking about aesthetics, it might be advisable to look for devices that reduce water flow and, consequently, make a difference to environmental sustainability. There are systems which allow you to switch between medium and full open flow to reduce water consumption.


There are also an increasing number of “touch” products that allow you to turn the tap on and off with a simple touch, so you can even use the sink with dirty hands and turn the water off more quickly, using less.


Kitchen taps: what material to choose


Chrome-plated stainless steel kitchen taps are the most popular choice. But, making that choice doesn’t mean leaving creativity behind. There is a vast array of interesting alternative designs, such as the high arched curve, where the handles to turn the water on and off are separate from the central body.


Or you can opt for more a elaborate design, perhaps even including a pull-out spray head, which allow you more flexibility to move around and use the whole sink area.


Obviously you can also play around with the finish. For example, satin stainless steel taps are an excellent choice, especially if you have a particularly modern style kitchen.


Space for colour

Choosing a kitchen tap doesn’t stop at thinking about materials, you can even have your taps in different colours. It is possible to be creative and , for example,  go for black taps to match the sink.

Many companies nor offers many different and trendy shades that coordinate with the furniture in the room. The white tap is the neutral color that goes with any style.

But you can choose what can make the final overall look more original.


Concealed taps

If the kitchen is small or you donìt like to have visible appliances ( expecially on the open space), you can opt for concealed sink and taps: under a real cover you hide what you need and you gain extra space for your workarea.


Integrated water filter taps

Integrated water supply and filtration systems will give you safe clean drinking water directly from your own kitchen tap.

Great for the environment, these “Green” taps have recently become very popular because they help reduce the number of plastic bottles purchased.