Innovative materials for the kitchen: 2019 home furnishing trends

Innovative materials for the kitchen: 2019 home furnishing trends

Trend arredo 2019

Innovative materials for 2019

How do you choose innovative materials for the new kitchen? The trends for 2019 are staking everything on models in Laminam, Corian and Glass: solutions as elegant, clean and linear as they are tough, practical and functional.


Laminam for doors and tops

Cucina in Laminam - Dibiesse

Detail of Laminam finishing.

One innovative material for kitchens in a leading position among the trends proposed for 2019 is Laminam, a ceramic material the represents a valid alternative to materials like marble. Since the latter is a highly prized natural material, it has limited availability (marble slabs are unique and unrepeatable) and is difficult to reproduce on multiple surfaces. Laminam is a material from industry and therefore easy to reproduce, even on large surfaces. It also has characteristics that make it appropriate for the kitchen environment. Easy to clean and suitable for contact with food, it can stand up to:

  • detergents and chemicals
  • heat, high temperatures, cold and damp
  • scratches, abrasion, thermal shock and UV rays.


Corian® or Hanex for doors and tops

Cucina bianca in Corian o Hanex - Dibiesse

White kitchen in Hanex

A material that’s widely used in furnishing and very popular in kitchens is the innovative Corian or Hanex, which has the great advantage of being able to cover large surfaces as if they were one. Exceptionally versatile and flexible, it can take on an extremely wide range of forms, integrate various components and join the different parts together, completely eliminating visible joins, and is compatible with many other materials. It:

  • is uniform and translucent
  • can be cleaned quickly
  • stands up to everyday stress
  • can regenerate from scratches.


Glass for doors

Zona giorno in vetro panna - Dibiesse

Living furniture in glass

Trade fairs and events present a wealth of ideas around choosing innovative materials for new kitchens, but an evergreen kitchen material that dominates among the trends for 2019 is glass, which offers refinement, lustre and light. This material is waterproof and scratch- and heat-resistant, in addition to being impervious to mould. As well as that:

  • it can be cleaned extremely easily with normal cleaning products
  • it’s antibacterial
  • it’s hygienic.


Trend of 2019 in a single model: Vestimi

In line with the trends for 2019, Dibiesse proposes Vestimi : the dynamic, functional model that embraces all the varying finishes described above, to meet even the most specific requirements.

Vestimi - cucina in legno e Laminam