How to determine the correct measurements for your kitchen

How to determine the correct measurements for your kitchen

Determining the measurements for your kitchen correctly is essential to create the perfect environment to indulge your senses and make your culinary dreams a reality:to make this possible, it is absolutely crucial that each single part of the kitchen is the correct measurement and that you have made the right spatial arrangements.

Le misure della cucina

Le misure della cucina

How high should base units be?

The standard height of base units from the ground and without the counter tops is usually from 70 to 90 cm.However, there are other variables that can change the unit height depending on different needs,plinth height, carcass height, use of the groove feature and worktop thickness.

  • standard base units with grip profile measures: 12 (plinth) + 72 (carcass) + 3 (grip profile) + 4 (top) = 91 cm
  • base unit with H 8 cm plinth with grip profile measures: 8 (plinth) + 78 (carcass) + 3 (grip profile) + 4 (top) = 93 cm
  • Suspended base units, since they have no plinth, can be posizionet at differenty height, accordingly to each own needs.



What is the minimum base unit depth?

In general, apart from special cases, the minimum base unit depth for kitchens should never be less than 60 cm:this depth is required to give the minimum clearance space needed for electrical appliances (most importantly ovens and hobs).Kitchen users often welcome even greater depths because they provide a larger usable surface, making food preparation easier.

In the living area of the kitchen different rules apply.Here depths can vary from 35 cm to an intermediate 45 cm depth.

How much space is needed between a base unit and wall unit?

Although there is no fixed rule for the space between a base unit and wall unit, it is usually somewhere between 54 and 65 cm because the distance between a hob and hood must be at least 65 cm.If you don’t have a hob in the base units below or close by, the distance can be reduced to allow better access to the contents of wall units.


misura tra basi e pensili

What depth must wall units be?

The depth of the wall units can also be adjusted to fit the kitchen dimensions correctly.They are generally 35 cm deep, but can be modified as needed.For example with a deeper worktop, you can opt for deeper wall units (base units of 75 -80 cm depth with 60 cm deep wall units).The difference between the depth of the wall and base units (on average 60 cm) ensures that you avoid impact with them during food preparation.



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