How to breathe new life into a kitchen without buying new furnitures.

How to breathe new life into a kitchen without buying new furnitures.

To breathe new life into a kitchen that is already functional and stylish, there’s absolutely no need to spend a huge amount. Modernising your kitchen on a small budget isn’t only possible, it’s easy and, yes, fun too!

Some tips to refresh your kitchen

Updating you kitchen on a budget

When fitting out your kitchen, functionality and order are indispensable. First off, take anything that is no longer essential out of the kitchen, and reorganise the storage of things that are rarely used.

To optimize storage and update your kitchen on a small budget, consider for example installing new utensil rails under your wall units, for hanging your implements.

This is an attractive solution that also avoids the expense of buying new accessories.

Organizing your drawers is also key as you must make full use of them to avoid both clutter and purchasing the same utensils twice. Cutlery trays and pot racks are very useful for making maximum use of space.


Organizing your drawers

Organizing your corner unitOrganizing your cabinets

Discover more about accessorizing your kitchen with these smart solutions.

New colors for the walls to make the kitchen to stand out

try wallpaper for a creative touch

Renovating this crucial room of the house without spending too much could begin with a new coat of paint, for example. But which colours to opt for? Choose neutral tones or ones that complement the room’s main colour. White, and shades of white, isn’t a bad choice, and it’s also effective at giving the impression of space. If it’s a creative touch you want, try wallpaper or exposing some of the brickwork.

Another very useful strategy for renovating your kitchen without spending too much involves giving some thought to lighting. Try altering the arrangement of lighting points, and even increasing them to create useful lighting islands to illuminate worktops. LED lamps are a good option, combining lighting efficiency with style.


Check here some LED accessories that can help you to give new light to your kitchen.

Multi-use shelves!

Le mensole in cucina possono essere ripensate e accessoriate con oggetti belli da vedere

Fitting or rethinking the role of multi-use shelving is also a good solution when upgrading your kitchen on a budget. The great thing about such items is that they are, above all, versatile: they can be used as simple bookshelves, but can also play a leading role in the kitchen for showing off (perhaps with inspiration from bloggers) your tea cup collections, cooking accessories, coloured pots and pans and your herbs!