Hob with integrated hood

Hob with integrated hood

A hob with an integrated hood is the latest trend for those looking for a minimalist kitchen, with a linear design and the latest technology.

It is two electrical appliances in one that combines aesthetics with practicality.

Before running through some brands, when you opt for this type of equipment, thought needs to be put into the kitchen design:

– first, consider whether you need an extracting or filtering hood. Will it need a vent to allow smoke to escape or will it only have special filters to purify the air?

– also consider where it will be positioned and the necessary clearance space for the motor (see the mounting instructions for each part).

– what kind of unit will it be mounted on,is it a base unit with a hinged door or a base unit with a pull-out basket, so it can be mounted at a reduced depth.


The Bora extraction system

The sophisticated Bora extraction system extracts the hob’s odours and water vapour down into the unit.It is available in three different versions, the Basic, Classic and Professional, with touch control and designed to ensure maximum use and cleaning efficiency.



> Automatic extractor control

> Unique operating panel to manage all functions with a single touch

>Simple cleaning

>Minimalistic design

>Modular system to combine the hood with induction, gas or Tepan stainless steel grills

>Minimum volume

> Accurate control of the temperature

Sintesi by Falmec

Sintesi, the integrated suction and cooking system by Falmec, thanks to its minimalist design, reduced dimensions, energy efficiency and ease of installation and cleaning, won an Iconic Award and four European Product Design Awards in 2018


Sintesi by Falmec

Sintesi by Falmec

>Scotch brite stainless steel (AISI 304)

>4 cooking zones with automatic pots recognition

>Residual heat indicators

>9 cooking levels + Power function (Over Boost)

>Timer / minute minder

>Safety switch-off / safety lock function

>Pause function

>Flex Surface technology

>Double Bridge Function



Kompak by Galvamet

Kompak has an extraordinary extraction capacity, guarantees maximum safety in daily use and features an extremely elegant design.It is a real powerhouse of technology, equipped with countless features to simplify life in the kitchen.

Kompak Galvamet

Kompak Galvamet

>The entire structure is composed by wear and heat resistant materials, no detail is in plastic.

>Push-pull opening of the flaps at controlled speed to select the aspiration area, for less consumption and noise.

>No visible detail is removable or needs to be washed in the dishwasher.

>The anti grease filter and the grease drip tray are easily removable and can be washed in the dishwasher.

>An easy-to-open valve allows a simple discharge of the liquid collected from the condensation.

>An electronic sensor signals the display of the highest level in the liquid collecting pan.

>telescopic height and depth make it adaptable to any device

> The motor located inside the plinth ensures an easy reparation of the engine itself or of the induction hob

NikolaTesla by Elica

NikolaTesla garantisce un design deciso, materiali di altissimo livello e prestazioni eccellenti dal punto di vista della captazione dei fumi. Oltre a ciò, questo piano a induzione aspirante è decisamente silenzioso e offre un’ottima efficienza energetica. A completare il tutto ci sono poi gli eleganti e pratici comandi touch control a dieci velocità.

NikolaTesla di Elica

NikolaTesla di Elica

> it prevents  wasted energy advising when a cooking zone is on, and automatically turn on a cooking zone when it detects a pot.

> SNAP device automatically activates the hood to amplify the filtering power.

>The new Elica technology is able to achieve filtering thresholds of 82% against the market average of 60%. It can be regenerated for up to 3 years.

> the Stop&Go button, you can switch off all the cooking zones.

> function that lets you set the hob with three programmes optimised for both very delicate cooking as well as cooking at high power.

Galileo by Faber

Galileo is a recessed hood on the hob and is available in an aluminum finish or in glass.A minimalist hood, it features touch control commands, which allow you to adjust both the induction plates and the hood itself.When the hood is in operation it opens by lifting a lid to reveal the extraction system.

Galileo di Faber

Galileo di Faber

> Touch slider controls are complemented by maximum power, total safety and silence.

> Waterproof motor technology.

>The motor’s compact design leaves enough free space inside the cabinet for a utensil drawer to be fitted immediately beneath.