Hide electrical appliances? Yes, you can!

Hide electrical appliances? Yes, you can!

Ways to hide electrical appliances: cupboards, tall units and recessed doors!

Hiding electrical appliances is important for anyone who wants clean lines and a minimalist look, making the best of the aesthetics of their home even when short on space. But anyone who is not a lover of the open kitchen look can also choose this style regardless of the size of the space they are working with.

nascondere gli elettrodomestici all'interno di colonne con anta rientrante - appliances can find new place inside the cabinets with recessed doors or inside Walk-in larder units

And the electrical appliances aren’t visible anymore!

There are different types of concealed kitchens, which differ in style and size. It doesn’t matter that a concealed kitchen is small, what is important is that it is functional and meets the user’s needs.

The concealed furniture is a classic for those who want to make the most of small spaces, allowing you to conceal electrical appliances inside cupboards and tall units with recessed doors. You can use these units for oven, microwaves and dishwashers, as well as compartments and baskets dedicated to food storage.

colonne con anta rientrante per forni - tall unit for the oven with recessed door


The doors of the tall unit can be used to hide the washing area, with a sink base unit and a wall unit dish drainer. Extremely versatile, they can also hide food storage electrical appliances.

And there’s nothing to stop you from having a space dedicated to your passion for wine or an ingenious pull-out worktop to give you a place to catch up on a little bit of work.


colonna con anta rientrante attrezzata - tall unit with recedder door

Linear or corner Walk-in Larders are equally versatile.

Linear or corner Walk-in Larders fitted units are equipped with a customisable boiserie panelling where shelves can be fitted according to your requirements. They can also be used to hide electrical appliances or even be set up to organise all your cleaning products.

Of course, the interiors of Walk-in Larders are highly customisable and can be reorganised to suit your changing needs over time.



la capienza delle cabine armadio - big capacity for the Walk-in Larder unit

cabina armadio ad angolo - corner Walk-in Larder Unit

Nascondere la lavastoviglie all'interno della cabina armadio - hide the washing machine inside the Walk-in Larder unit

Versatilità delle cabine armadio -versatility of the Walk-in larder unit