DNA 20

DNA 20

Please let us introduce you to our Laminate and Melamine program..


What does DNA20 means?


Our Laminate and Melamine program is available in many different colors for doors 19/20 mm thick ( that is why 20..).

Melamine and Laminate program for its practicality and range, is the base ( the DNA) of many kitchen models (Spring, Spring Pro, Spring Job, Play).

All of them are characterized by  a prompt delivery time, a very competitive price and a wide offer in terms of measures and personalization.

One of the main personalization is the possibility to choose between six different opening options, that please the aesthetic and the practicality.

Lab, Time, Pro or Job, plain doors or with standard external handle…which one do you porefere?

Why would you go for one option instead of the other?

Design the kitchen that best suits you with Your personal Dibiesse dealer.