Designing a kitchen with island

Designing a kitchen with island

Kitchens with an island are one of the most successful trends in interior design. Many people dream about having one and they’re not only reserved for those of us with big kitchens. Let’s see how!

Kitchen island: how to make it less dominant

there are some useful tips you can use to make the kitchen area appear less wide. One of these is to choose an white island worktop.

Placing a mirror at the back of the island is a winning idea. It reflects light and visually lengthens the room by reflecting it. This will make the counter-top of the island worktop almost look as if it’s floating on the floor.

Seeing is believing!


Alternatively you can place open elements on the rear of the island and accessorize the shelves with design objects or your personal collections that capture the eyes.


How to optimise space

You don’t need a very grand house to design a kitchen with an island and get great results. All you need is a little bit of ingenuity and a multi-functional approach. In real terms, you can achieve your dream island by fitting as many electrical appliances as possible in the central unit, starting first with the oven. In this way, you can draw the focus of attention onto the linear wall units, without giving up any practical convenience. The counter might also include a table to eat on, perhaps even retractable pull-out one so it can be used only when needed.

Central unit with clean lines

If you’re considering an island in a small kitchen remember the central unit can also be used as a space for other things that have nothing to do with food preparation. In fact, the island can be made up of a simple table or an American bar style counter to enjoy drinks with friends or family.