Designing a kitchen: why get help from a professional

Designing a kitchen: why get help from a professional


Although people might think it is easy to design a kitchen by themselves, to design the perfect kitchen it is best to get help from a professional to avoid making costly errors.

What should you expect? When you turn to a professional, some stages are crucial for the project’s success:


  1. an “on-site” visit is essential to evaluate the space to design: a professional can identify those vital aspects that could affect how you use your kitchen fittings. For example, if ventilation grilles are missing, or if there are uneven corners, unsuitable equipment, walls that “bulge” or walls that cannot bear the weight of kitchen units;
  2. during the visit, the sales representative will also note information about the colours in the room: the floor, walls, door and window frames, the direction in which the room faces, areas of artificial light, etc. – all details which are useful during the design stage to come up with solutions that can make your kitchen more harmonious;
  3. the customer must be specific about his/her needs and lifestyle: an in-depth discussion can pinpoint the style of kitchen and which type could be compatible with the tastes, home and current or future needs of the user;


These initial stages are essential for giving the designer all information, so he/she can design the perfect kitchen for the customer. The first design might not necessarily be the right one, but it will have certainly considered the most important points and will avoid costly surprises.

Creating a home is a thrilling experience, with many, hard choices to consider. That is why choosing a competent sales representative and spending the right amount of time on the design are the first steps for a purchase made with peace of mind and no second thoughts.


Remember: it is normal and useful to get information online or at specialist stores, above all to clarify any doubts, and to shape or finalise ideas. This stage is important and takes time, which should be remembered, especially when deadlines have been set. So our advice is to spend the right amount of time on looking, decide on a professional as soon as possible and then give him/her all the time needed to design the perfect kitchen.