Choosing the colour of a kitchen: 5 practical advices

Choosing the colour of a kitchen: 5 practical advices

Come scegliere il colore della cucina

How to choose the color of the kitchen?

To choose the colour of a kitchen, you need to reconcile personal tastes with the basic rules of material and colour matching: for an overall effect which is actually pleasing, the model selected needs to be coordinated with all the colours in the room. Here’s some advice:


1- Choose the shades for doors and tops in accordance with the colour of the environment

The first step is to understand which colour dominates the room (the colour of the walls rather than the floor): to lend the environment greater harmony, you can choose the colour of the kitchen by focusing on shades of the room’s main colour. Alternatively, you can use complementary colours over the whole surface, for only some furnishing elements or for the accessories.

2- Favour light-coloured doors and tops if space is limited

If the main goal is to make spaces seem larger, it is necessary to focus on lighter shades. Light-coloured doors and tops make the kitchen seem larger and brighter, even if the starting point may be small and dark in character.


3-Focus on monochrome with a coloured top

Choosing doors and tops in the same colour, in addition to offering versatility in design, also guarantees a good level of elegance and stylistic coherence. If you’re not convinced by monochrome kitchens however, they can be made more lively by opting for solutions with monochrome doors and coloured tops.


4- Light the environment by using the right finishes

To spread light throughout the room, it’s advisable to prefer gloss finishes to matt ones.  Choosing wall units with glass doors allow to reflect the room making it looking bigger.  Select light spots to create the right athmosphere.

5- Be coherent with the style you like.

If you are not really sure of what you are doing, pick a style and stick to it, since the mix of styles may generate confusion and disorder in the room. A unique, armonious style allows you to have a more tidy general look. So, identifying the characteristics, colors palette, objects, icons of the style you like makes it easier to keep focused decision while decorating and restyling.